Zoe & Morgan - Midnight In A Perfect World

Posted on February 01 2018

Zoe & Morgan Jewellery Midnight In A Perfect World Campaign - model in grass


Jewellery brand Zoe & Morgan returns to its roots for the stunning Midnight In A Perfect World collection.

The sibling trio behind the brand have jewellery in their blood. Their father, driven by a love of gemstones and their alchemy when combined with precious metals (hello gold!) started a jewellery business in Ibiza way-back-when. This, years later, inspired the Zoe & Morgan brand we know and love today - “we still feel his presence in the aquamarine waters and pine scented breeze” say the siblings.

Zoe & Morgan Midnight In A Perfect World collection campaign shot - model in lake

Midnight In A Perfect World is inspired by the hidden side of Ibiza. Forget the throbbing clubs and tourist tat. Instead picture tranquil coves and unspoilt natural scenery; hidden places of tranquility, vitality and beauty.

This Balearic summer of love delivers a collection of beautiful blues, purples and greens glistening against golden backdrops. The gorgeous shimmering ocean to the sunshine we so crave.

Zoe & Morgan Midnight In A Perfect World Collection campaign model on beach

You’ll also notice some old favourites reimagined from the Zoe & Morgan acrhives over the last ten years. Because when you’re nostalgically reliving summers of days gone by, of course you’re going to relive your favourite designs too. We would!

Here are our highlights.



Zoe & Morgan Izel Ring  

Izel Ring
Zoe & Morgan



Queen of Now Necklace
Zoe & Morgan



Piwakawaka Ear Jacket
Zoe & Morgan





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