Valentine’s Day: Jewellery Gifts Under £150

Posted on January 25 2019

Let us help you take the stress out of Valentine’s Day with our handy jewellery gift guide.

Valentine's Jewellery Gifts Under £150


Buying a gift for your Valentine can be hard. There’s the tricky subject of style, size and budget to navigate. But let’s be real here, when it comes to jewellery as a gift, it’s difficult to go wrong. We’re not just saying that. Jewellery for Valentine’s Day is a winner because you don’t have to worry about the size issue (even with rings, they can be worn on another finger if needs be) and most jewellery can be styled according to the wearer. If you buy her a dainty necklace and it turns out she’s more of a statement kinda girl then she can wear it as part of a stack. When jewellery can be mixed and matched so easily, most pieces are universally stylish. So that just leaves budget. That’s why we’re sticking to £150 as the upper budget.

So here we go, our Valentine’s Day gift picks for you.


Shooting Star Stud Earrings, Tada & Toy



Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant, Stone Hearts Club



Rose Gold Sweat Pea Studs, La Kaiser





Opal & Diamond Choker, La Kaiser



Izel Necklace, Zoe & Morgan



Heartbreaker Hoop Set, Luv AJ





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