Behind the Brand: Zoe & Morgan

Posted on October 18 2017

Zoe & Morgan Queen of Now Necklace


Zoe & Morgan jewellery has long had a place in our hearts. Founded by a trio of siblings, Zoe & Morgan started out life as a kitchen table workshop and a pop up store in Montenegro. Now 10 years on, you’ll find Zoe & Morgan boutiques in Auckland and London and stockists across the globe.

Zoe, Morgan and Ruth have jewellery design in their blood. Their father ran a successful jewellery business, first in Ibiza (how dreamy!), England and France before settling in Devonport, New Zealand where the family laid its roots. The whole story is filled with romance and nomadic whimsy which is simply irresistible.

So when Stone Hearts Club was coming together, there was no doubt in our minds that we wanted to be a Zoe & Morgan stockist.

Zoe and Morgan jewellery

It’s the designs of Zoe & Morgan jewellery that really grab your attention and draw you in. Personality positively shines through in every piece, making them the choice of the style-aware with a flair for individualism and the extraordinary.

Each collection is inspired by the travels of the design trio, “the world is your cottage, freedom your friend” as Zoe says. You’ll spot pieces dedicated to Casablanca by name and designs inspired by intricate Moroccan architecture. Wanderlusters can’t help but be drawn in.

On top of that, Zoe and Morgan collections are rife with quirky pieces for those that like to have fun with their accessories. And since you’re on Stone Hearts Club, we know that means you. From statement necklaces to everyday earrings, Zoe & Morgan always injects a little something extra to lift the design to conversation piece status. Because who doesn’t love showing off their latest fashion acquisition?

There’s another reason we love Zoe & Morgan. There’s not a whiff of style over substance with designs made in sterling silver and gold pieces coated in 22 carat gold. Precious stones are sourced by Morgan from his Bali base and designs are lovingly created around the history and cut of the stone. Affordable fashion at its best.

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