Alternative Engagement Rings

If you're looking for an alternative engagement ring then turn to alternative bridal favourites Jennie Kwon and Misa. Revered on the US wedding scene, the two bring classic stones to life with modern settings, styles and colours. It's no wonder that they appeal to today's modern woman looking for something chic and elegant that will stand the test of time whilst not breaking the bank and eating in to that house deposit, honeymoon fund or shoe savings (well, we all need an interest).

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Jennie Kwon Round Opal Dew Ring
Jennie Kwon Tri Pearl Ring
Jennie Kwon Opal Tanzanite Trio Ring
Sold Out
Jennie Kwon Diamond Accent Cuff Ring
Jennie Kwon Black Equilibrium Cuff Ring
Misa Journey Treasure Mermaid Ring
Misa Lava Beak Ring
Sold Out
Misa Sunrise Ring
Jennie Kwon Pave Petite Bow Ring
Jennie Kwon Diamond Web Ring
Jennie Kwon Black Diamond Ike Ring
Jennie Kwon Diamond Prelude Band
Jennie Kwon Salt And Pepper Balance Ring
Jennie Kwon Diamond Forte Ring
Jennie Kwon Emerald Journey Ring
Jennie Kwon Morganite Opal Leaf Ring
Jennie Kwon Ruby Marquise Poeme Ring