Oh what a show! Most Curious Wedding Fair 2017

Posted on March 20 2017

Most Curious Wedding Fair 2017 Neon Heart


We are some very tired but very happy people right now. What a show! Thanks to all that came to see us at the Most Curious Wedding Fair this weekend! It was so nice meeting you all and chatting to you face to face was such a fab experience given that we’re normally just looking at computer screens being the online only business that we are. We’re now dreaming of stores for sure!


For those that couldn’t make it, or haven’t heard of the Most Curious Wedding Fair before, we thought we would share with you our favourite bits.


Cleo Gown by Rue De Seine, stocked by Jean Jackson Couture


Behold! THE DRESS. How dreamy is it? Honestly, we were following this dress around all weekend dreaming up plans for vowel renewals, white themed parties and even a dress timeshare scheme.  It’s the Cleo Gown by Rue De Seine and was being show by Jean Jackson Couture. #NEED.


Makeup In The Orangery


If you love to make an entrance and perhaps have a soft spot for The Wizard of Oz then the girls at Makeup In The Orangery may be the makeup dream team for you! Why? Two words - glitter lips. Oh yes.


Pup Tart London


So you know by now our MO is sparkle, glitter and shine. We’re not precious about the order but we need it like roses need the rain and poets need the pain (yes, we did just quote Bon Jovi). So imagine our delight when we caught sight of the show lights bouncing off the wonderful glittery stand that belonged to Pup Tart. Think sparkly rainbow bags, watermelon purses, personalised beauties and iridescent wonders. A very glittery avocado now has pride of place at SHC HQ (aka The Crystal Cave).


There were SO many great vendors at the show and we can’t wait to do it again next year. Hopefully see you there!







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