Trend Watch: Statement Earrings

Posted on March 05 2018

Statement earrings are making a comeback in a big way. You just have to casually scroll through Instagram or flick through a magazine to see your fave fashionistas rocking some sort of oversized hoop or intricate drop design.


Statement earrings - new trend


But why the statement earrings renaissance? It’s of course a fun, easy trend to play with. It’s not like dying your hair (oh the maintenance!) and you don’t even have to have your lobes pierced with clip-on statement earrings also readily available. However, we like to think it’s part of a much bigger fashion story...

Since the dreaded credit crunch we've all lead a rather parred back life. Designers moved to subtle branding (how uncouth to flash the cash when people are losing their houses) and in turn, consumers turned to more reserved styles in a reversal of the excesses of the early naughties. But times they are a changin. Now we live in a world of avocado on toast. A world of a revived Gucci, sequins as day wear, a logo renaissance, a world of Celine Dion: Fashion Queen.  Or maybe it's just that we live in a world of Brexit and general nuclear uncertainty and this is our way of dealing with it. Whatever it is, we're on board.

 Statement earrings as seen on various bloggers and models

When it comes to the practicalities of wearing statement earrings, the rules are simple. Whether you are taking your cues from the style set by dressing up oversized shirting with an oversized embellishment, or from celeb red carpet glam, go big, go bold, go do whatever your like. Style points are awarded for superior length, excessive sparkle, curated stacks and bonus points given for unusual takes on usual trends.


Here at Stone Hearts Club we have just the thing, whatever your style. From oversized hoops to embellished ear jackets and gorgeous ear crawlers in between. Here are our favourites below.



Heartbreaker Hoops by Luv AJ

Heartbreaker Hoops

Luv AJ


Eros Prism Earrings



Gold Hoop Earrings

Caitlin Price x MFP




Star Ear Cuff

Tada & Toy


Crescent Flare Earrings

Luv AJ


Mermaid Ear Crawler






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