Hero Pieces: Jennie Kwon Emerald Rings

Posted on March 10 2021

Jennie Kwon emerald rings modelled on hand


Jennie Kwon is an LA based designer renowned amongst American Style Editors for being the go-to brand for delicate demi-fine rings. Kwon’s signature is elegance - restrained designs with easy, modern vibes, combined with a whisper of vintage glamour. Jennie Kwon rings make for excellent stars of your stack as well as an alternative to the more traditional engagement rings and wedding bands. 

Kwon’s rings are all made with solid 14k white, yellow or rose gold and sustainable and ethical gemstones and diamonds. Today we look at Jennie Kwon’s emerald rings. Looking at the date of writing this (10th March), we may have been subconsciously taken in by St Patrick’s Day. But that wasn’t the intention! 

Emeralds are having a moment, particularly for the Stone Hearts Club team. Whilst we love a black diamond for a touch of edginess, emeralds are all about vintage vibes. Like Gatsby standing at the end of his dock, pining for the green twinkling light at the other side of the bay, I’m here, just a girl, pining for a twinkling emerald. 


Two Jennie Kwon emerald rings shot in shadow


Emeralds have been recorded in history for thousands of years and are considered highly valuable alongside diamonds and sapphires. Emeralds were apparently Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone. The emeralds considered to be of the finest quality should have a bright, luscious green hue and a high transparency. You’ll quite often see these emeralds described as having a verdant hue or being a verdant emerald.

Symbolism, as with all precious gems, of course has been attached to emeralds. For some, emeralds are about rebirth and for others they are linked to nature and vitality.

So now, for the main event. The emerald rings we love by Jennie Kwon!

Jennie Kwon Marquise Emerald Dew RingJennie Kwon Marquise Emerald Dew Ring, £429

First up is the Marquise Emerald Dew Ring. A stunning 2.5mm marquise cut emerald sits front and centre of this stunning design with 2 sparkling white diamonds either side. The sparkle is real. We just love the marquise cut of this ring. As we said, Jennie Kwon rings make for great stackers and this is why. The interesting shape combined with the striking colour makes this a stacking here - adding depth, texture and interest to your curated stack (or engagement stack). This one is available to buy here.

Jennie Kwon Emerald Mini Deco RingJennie Kwon Emerald Mini Deco Ring, £340

The Emerald Mini Deco Ring by Jennie Kwon is 1920’s glamour wrapped up in a dainty package. Talking of creating interesting shapes, the triangular deco styling around the 1.2mm white diamonds does just that. These supporting act diamonds direct all attention to the twinkling 2mm emerald in the centre. Just how dainty this ring is IRL is hard to convey. While she has all the makings of a super glam ring, her size holds her in the realms of chic and understated elegance.  Buy the Deco Ring here.


Jennie Kwon Emerald Lace RingJennie Kwon Emerald Lace Ring, £469

Jennie Kwon’s Emerald Lace ring is all about emeralds. Adding texture to your finger with the prong settings, the vibrant emeralds really do pop against your skin. The easy profile of this ring also makes it super easy to wear every day and she slots right in to sit comfortably next to your existing favourites.


Jennie Kwon Emerald Tilt Equilibrium RingJennie Kwon Emerald Tilt Equilibrium Ring, £705

The Emerald Tilt Equilibrium Ring has been designed to evoke the image of a leaf standing luscious and tall in the height of Spring. Perfect for celebrating new beginnings. The 6x4mm pear shaped emerald is hugged by Jennie Kwon’s signature Equilibrium setting - six 1mm diamonds designed to inspire harmony and balance. She’s a real show stealer.


Jennie Kwon Baguette Emerald Petite Equilibrium RingJennie Kwon Baguette Emerald Petite Equilibrium Ring

We also want to shout out the Baguette Emerald Petite Equilibrium Ring by Kwon. She’s just everything that Jennie Kwon rings are about. The daintiness that adds to her mystique and luxurious elegance. The vintage vibes, yet modern feel. That equilibrium setting with it’s beautiful meaning. It all adds up to a subtle eye-catcher and a perfect everyday piece.

As you can see, we could quite happily wax lyrical about Jennie Kwon’s emerald rings all day. Here are more of our favourites and their details below.


Three Jennie Kwon emerald rings detailed below

Three emerald rings by Jennie Kwon with price details below

From left to right, top row 1-3, bottom row 4-6:

1. Jennie Kwon Emerald Baguette Lace Ring, £540
2. Jennie Kwon Emerald Wave Ring, £1085
3. Jennie Kwon Emerald Journey Ring, £355
4. Jennie Kwon Emerald Spear Ring, £625
5. Jennie Kwon Emerald Lexie Ring, £860
6. Jennie Kwon Emerald Halo Ring, £655

Whilst we do have a few Jennie Kwon pieces in stock, most are made to order and not all listed here are yet added to the site. If you do see something you like here but can’t see it available to purchase on site, just drop us an email at info@stoneheartsclub.com. We can talk you through the process, answer any questions and set up a special order to be placed as normal through the website. We pay all your customs charges and delivery is free so by buying through us, the price stated above is the total you will pay. Delivery of your Jennie Kwon ring is typically between 2-4 weeks. 


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