Black Diamond Rings: Your Questions Answered

Posted on December 23 2020

Jennie Kwon black diamond rings available in the UK

Black diamonds rings have my heart. They’re a great alternative to the traditional white diamond, whether you’re looking for a little treat, a black diamond engagement ring or wedding band. Black diamond jewellery adds a different dimension to a curated hand or ear. Sure you have onyx, garnet and even black zircon, but there’s still something special about a diamond and especially a black one. 

Maybe it’s my former teen old goth-self, still living inside me, that draws me to black diamonds. Or having spent most of my career working in fashion, I have seen that black will always be the new black. Maybe it’s both. 

I asked you on Instagram what questions you had about black diamonds. So here we go, answering a few:

Are black diamonds natural?
Black diamonds do occur in nature and the process is almost identical to that of a white diamond forming. In fact, black diamonds are more rare than their white counterpart. Black diamonds are still born out of carbon, heat and pressure, but with the addition of graphite inclusions. The more graphite inclusions, the darker the diamond.

Are black diamonds expensive?
Black diamonds are typically cheaper than white diamonds. Black diamonds are rarer but the demand for them is lower, hence the cheaper price tag. 

Jennie Kwon back diamond rings on hand - now available in the UK

Are black diamonds good?
Just like white diamonds, black diamonds are renowned for their hardiness and durability. Scoring the maximum rating of 10 on the MOHs scale, black diamonds are considered to be even harder than the majority of white diamonds. In fact, they’re so strong that before rising to popularity for jewellery, black diamonds were often used in a variety of industries as things like cutting and drilling tools. 

Are black diamonds unlucky?
There's little in the modern world to suggest any bad luck associated to black diamonds. Looking back though, some countries and traditions considered black diamonds to be good luck. For example, in Italy it was believed that the black stone absorbed worries and troubles and brought good fortune. So much so that the rubbing of a black diamond was once part of a wedding tradition to bring good luck and fortune to newly married couples. However, black diamonds were considered less lucky in ancient India where they were believed to be an omen of death as the stones were believed to resemble the eye of a spider or snake. 

Now we associate black diamonds with passion, action and energy.

What does a black diamond engagement ring mean?
A black diamond engagement ring means the same as all other diamond rings - eternal, unchanging love. 

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If you’re looking for a black diamond ring then our go to designers are Jennie Kwon and Misa. Using natural, black diamonds, Kwon’s pieces are all about creating modern pieces with a nod to the classics. Misa's designs are inspired by nature. Both create delicate pieces that will never go out of style. Which is exactly what makes them so perfect as alternative engagement rings and wedding bands. Plus, of course, a forever piece you want to treat yourself to (first pay cheque gift anyone?).

Most of our Jennie Kwon and Misa pieces are made to order in their LA studios and typically take between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive at your doorstep in the UK.

Jennie Kwon Black Diamond Equilibrium Point Ring

Black Diamond Equilibrium Point Ring

Jennie Kwon


Black Diamond Ike Ring

Jennie Kwon


Black Diamond Semi Pave Ring

Jennie Kwon


Misa Black Diamond Trail 6mm Ring

Black Diamond Trio Equilibrium Ring

Jennie Kwon


Black Diamond Lava Beak Ring



Trail Black Diamond 6mm Ring




Feeling inspired by these pieces but not seeing quite the thing you want? We can also work with the Jennie Kwon and Misa teams to design your own, custom ring. All designs can be hand crafted in white, yellow or rose gold and stones can be swapped around for your favourite gems. Just get in touch at with a rough idea of your thoughts and we can take it from there!

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