Jennie Kwon Rings Look Book

Posted on January 29 2021

Oh hello, you. We know why you're here. Jennie Kwon's rings have the same effect on us too. 

Delicate pieces with a romantic, vintage feel with all the benefits of modern design and materials. All Jennie Kwon pieces, from the gold to create the rings and settings, to the stones themselves are ethically sourced, conflict free, fair-mined and fair-trade. The jewellery is then created by a tight team of hand craftsmen in their Downtown LA Jewellery District studio. We've been there and can attest to it being just as dreamy as you imagine!

Jennie Kwon rings aren't about fast fashion and following trends. They are precious investments, often bought to commemorate a life event and to be treasured. The Jennie Kwon team pride themselves on this:

"So we’re deeply thankful that you treasure the precious, the thoughtful and the carefully made. So many of our pieces signify major milestones in our clients’ lives- a birth of a child, graduation from college, a promotion, marriage, overcoming illness, or just a self-appreciation gift. We love them all and are honoured to be a part of it."

Here's a selection of dreamy images from the Jennie Kwon look books to inspire you. We don't stock the whole Jennie Kwon range (we wish!) but regularly work with the team for custom orders so if you see something you like here, but not on site, just let us know via and we can help unite you with the special Jennie Kwon ring your heart desires.

Jennie Kwon Rings UK - Model wearing multiple Jennie Kwon rings in a sunny field
Jennie Kwon UK - Model wearing multiple Jennie Kwon rings on both hands against yellow trousers
Jennie Kwon Rings - Model in a sunny LA field wearing Jennie Kwon rings
Model wear Jennie Kwon rings and brushes hand through grass
Jennie Kwon rings worn on on both hands with multiple styles per hand
Model wearing Jennie Kwon rings standing in a field at sunset
Jennie Kwon model wearing rings and bracelets on both hands in sunny field


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