More is more when it comes to necklaces. Just like rings, we’re a fan of layering necklaces and with this selection from designers across the globe you’re spoilt for choice. Turn to Zoe & Morgan necklaces for a modern take on a classic style. Misa and Jennie Kwon provide the dash of sophisticated elegance every women needs in her life which is beautifully balanced by the edginess of Luv AJ.
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Stone Hearts Club Anxiety Necklace
Stone Hearts Club Awkward Necklace
Stone Hearts Club Tequila Necklace
Ettika Double Chain Necklace Set
Stone Hearts Club Large Arrowhead Pendant
Stone Hearts Club Aztec Calendar Pendant
Stone Hearts Club Small Fossil Shark Tooth Pendant
Misa Sunrise Necklace
Misa Branch Necklace
Unearthen Ceti Necklace
Zoe & Morgan Casablanca Necklace
Zoe & Morgan Izel Necklace
Tada & Toy Pacific Pendant Necklace
Stone Hearts Club Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant
Stone Hearts Club Onyx Arrowhead Pendant
Tada & Toy Metallic Sky Atlas Necklace
Scream Pretty Silver Horn Necklace
Stone Hearts Club Hooked On Pearls Clasp Necklace