Alternative Engagement Rings

Posted on February 02 2017

Alternative engagement rings

When you (or for partners reading this, your girl) is far from traditional in style, personality and taste it can be difficult to find the perfect ring, particularly via traditional routes. But what is the answer we hear you cry? Look no further than the alternative engagement ring. Dab away your tears of desperation on the torn out pages of the latest issue of Engagement Rings Weekly and read on for our top tips and favourite alternative engagement rings.

(Disclaimer: to the best of our knowledge this publication does not exist, and probably shouldn’t.)

So what is an alternative engagement ring? Before you conjure up the image of black trench coats and beefy boots, instead focus your mind on beautiful rings with delicate details. Stones of both classic and modern persuasion in modern settings. Basically, not a simple solitaire in sight. 

Alternative engagement rings break free of the stuffy norms of engagement announcements in newspapers and budgets based on x amount of pay cheques. They are about celebrating unique personalities and standing out from the crowd, because you are far from simple darling.

Here are our far-from-simple favourites:

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend
Diamonds will forever have a place in our hearts, so just because you’re going alternative, doesn’t mean you have to ditch the diamonds.


Jennie Kwon Diamond Cuff Ring  
Diamond Accent Cuff Ring, Jennie Kwon
Misa Lava Beak Engagement Ring
Lava Beak Ring, Misa

Black Diamonds
Black diamond engagement rings certainly make an alternative statement. Definitely unusual and eye-catching in all the right ways.
Mini Deco Point Ring, Jennie Kwon
Black Equilibrium Cuff Ring, Jennie Kwon
Classic stone, modern engagement
Selecting a traditional stone such as a pearl, emerald or opal for a engagement ring is an excellent way of adding a modern, alternative twist. Particularly if you or your girl has a penchant for all things vintage.
Jennie Kwon Tri Pearl Ring
Tri Pearl Ring, Jennie Kwon
Jennie Kwon Opal Tanzanite Trio Ring
Opal Tanzanite Trio Ring, Jennie Kwon

Non-traditional shapes
Just like modern, alternative engagement rings, you now have your pick of wedding bands in terms of non-traditional styles and shapes. So there is no need to worry about finding a wedding band to fit your engagement ring.
Misa Sunrise Alternative Engagement Ring
Sunrise Ring, Misa
Jennie Kwon Web Ring
Web Ring, Jennie Kwon

So what we're trying to say is, when it comes to engagement rings for 2017, the world is yours. Anything goes and the most important thing is personality. Happy alternative engagement!



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