Behind the Brand: La Kaiser

Posted on May 25 2018

La Kaiser necklaces

Founded in 2013 whilst she was living in Los Angeles, Cindy Kaiser brings a modern and refined take to bohemian jewellery. Think refined, whimsical elegance with a splash of colour - perfect for those of us that can remember pining for the boho stylings of Sienna Miller first time round.

Like many LA based designers, Kaiser is influenced by the sunny scenery around her. Moonstones, opals, diamonds and topaz all conjure up sparkling seas and sunny, palm filled views. Oh we can conjure up visions of Venice Beach at sunset right now! But the inspiration doesn’t stop there. Born to Swiss parents in Zimbabwe, there’s also a delightful dose of green pastures, pristine mountain tops and clear lakes thrown in for good measure.

Upon graduating with a degree in Visual Arts specialising in Creative Jewellery and Metal Design, Kaiser moved to LA to continue her studies, this time in Fashion at FIDM. During this time, while working an apprenticeship with Michael Schmidt Studios, Kaiser assisted with the design and manufacture of costumes for A-list celebs like Rhianna, Madonna and The Black Eyed Peas to name just a few. I mean, how exciting!

La Kaiser Jewelry now available in the UK

Kaiser always knew that she wanted her own brand and the creative flexibility that came with it. So in 2013 the brand was born. Now Kaiser spends time between her LA and Chicago studios, whilst also maintaining strong links across her home continents of Europe and Africa.  

Kaiser’s time growing up in Zimbabwe has shaped much of how she approaches life and business: “when you are surrounded on a daily basis by extreme poverty and suffering, your dreams and desires for a kinder world are awoken.” It’s not wonder then that giving back and helping others is a big part of La Kaiser jewellery with designs manufactured locally and a percentage of profits donated to charity.

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