Stone Spotlight: Black Diamond

Posted on December 11 2017

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are having their moment amongst those in the know. Serving as an edgy alternative to the traditional white diamond, black diamond jewellery is perfect for everyday chic as well as occasion pieces. Yes, that goes for modern and non traditional engagement rings too!

So here’s our guide to all things black diamond.

What is a black diamond?

There are actually two types of black diamond:

  1. Natural Fancy Black Diamonds are naturally occurring diamonds found in the rough and are untreated so the colour of the diamond remains black, opaque and unchanged from rough to store.

  2. Treated black diamonds aren’t naturally occurring but instead gain their black colour as a result of heating treatments. Usually low value white diamonds with a high number of inclusions are used since they fall below industry standards.

What’s the difference between a naturally occuring black diamond and a white (colourless) diamond?

Black diamonds and white diamonds are very similar in structure. Here comes the science part!… Both are formed by high pressure applied to the carbon element under the Earth’s surface which produces a repeating geometric pattern creating the diamond. The only difference in the case of the black diamond is the inclusion of graphite in the crystalline structure which occurs during the diamond’s formation, before the kimberlite deposits reach the Earth’s surface.

Are black diamonds expensive?

Naturally occurring black diamonds, while affordable, are typically more expensive than treated black diamonds. The price per carat can be between £2000 and £4000 for natural and around £250 for treated black diamonds.

Where are black diamonds from?

Naturally occurring black diamonds are found in very few locations across the globe. To date, only locations in Brazil and Central Africa have been found.

So now we know what black diamonds are and how they are created, let’s turn our attention to the style stakes...

Of course, we couldn’t go any further without bringing up Sex In The City. Arguably one of the only good things to come out of the disastrous run of films (okay, maybe not the first one) was the black diamond engagement ring that Big presents to Carrie with the words “because you’re not like anyone else”. And isn’t that just perfection?

Carrie Bradshaw's Black Diamond Engagement Ring from Mr Big

Other not-like-anyone-elses include Gwenyth Paltrow who graced the Emmy’s red carpet in 2011 with a gorgeous Neil Lane chain-link 50 carat black diamond and black rhodium bracelet. Kat Von D sports an oh-so-suitable black diamond skull engagement ring by The Great Frog and Blake Lively (who can do no wrong) rocks a Lorraine Schwartz black diamond ear crawler and stud set at the Age of Adaline premiere.

Celebrities wearing black diamond jewellery

So how can you get in on the black diamond jewellery action? We’ve selected our favourites available right here on Stone Hearts Club below:

Black Equilibrium Cuff Ring by Jennie Kwon
Jennie Kwon Black Diamond Mini Deco Point Ring Black Diamond Buckle Ring by Jennie Kwon

Black Equilibrium Cuff Ring

Jennie Kwon


Mini Deco Point Ring

Jennie Kwon


Buckle Ring

Jennie Kwon



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